AWOL Academy Review 2017

Quick Keala Kanae Bio

For years, the world that he lived in was constantly changing, but not in a good way. He had 22 jobs over 13 years, jumping from one dead end position to the next. For 11 years straight, Keala Kanae failed as a “wantrepreneur” chasing his dreams. Eventually he ended up hitting rock bottom in 2012.


But rock bottom led to Keala discovering the right methods and mentors that allowed him to breakthrough and finally create his dream lifestyle by leveraging the internet in an amazing way. In a short eight months he was able to grow his online business to a sustainable five figure income, soon after building multiple similar businesses. He became a speaker and trainer who now appears on stages with as many as 1,800 people in attendance.

After creating his own high level individual success within his own business... he eventually met up with Kameron George and they joined forces in order to co-found AWOL, a high quality marketing training company for both current and future entrepreneurs. This is a business that is already well past the million dollar mark, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

With different styled products for every type of marketing you could ever dream of, their courses cover the basics up to the advanced. By building these programs he aspires to help people to achieve their dreams as quickly as possible, and to free them from the drudgery of the day to day workforce.