AWOL Academy Review 2017

Quick Kameron George Bio

Prior to the start of AWOL Academy he was living virtually dead broke working a construction job and living off of peanut butter sandwiches. The future was definitely not looking too bright for Kameron George, and there were virtually no good options for him to change that anywhere in sight.

However, just like his good friend Keala Kenae, he discovered the power of the internet and fully committed himself to mastering the methods, marketing and skill sets in order to shift his life.

He decided to hang up his tool belt and kissed the construction industry goodbye to become a full time entrepreneur at a mere twenty three years of age. He was able to generate a more than full time income AND travel to exotic locations like Thailand at a moments notice. Now that he has entered the online market he has gone on to regularly earn more than six figures in sales alone while sitting in fancy hotel rooms armed with just his trusty laptop.

Not long after, Kameron connected with Keala and they realized their mutual mission of guiding others to freedom and co-founded AWOL.

He has since helped to found the esteemed Project A.W.O.L. and lives his life helping others to see what you can really do and earn on the internet with a solid business.

These days he does all of his work more quietly, usually not known to many who take his courses. All over the planet people still reach out to him constantly, though, to seek out his expert marketing abilities. Everything he teaches works, after all, there is no doubt about that.

When asked, he'll tell you that he just loves to see others succeed with his help. His passion in life is to help others to learn how they can build amazing businesses from the comfort of their own homes.