AWOL Academy Review 2017

AWOL Academy Testimonials

Check out the following video to hear the life-altering experiences our clients have experienced within the AWOL community...

You'll hear from Mathieu Jang...

Former college dropout plugs into the right system and now travels to Hawaii to hang out with his friends

while earning a solid income.


Ray Kakuda: 

He was trapped and wasting away in the “corporate jungle lifestyle.”  Now he’s working for himself, earning a quality income and reconnecting with his family.


Alannah Pasychny: 

Find out how she was able to leave her “regular job life” behind and build a business online that allows her to travel the world with her boyfriend for the last 2 years.


And you'll also hear the story of Cara Kakuda.

Discover how this mom was able to free up her time in order to be present in her daughter’s daily life.