AWOL Academy Review 2017

AWOL Academy Founders:

When the founders of AWOL Academy joined together, they had one mutual mission.

“We believe that a Vision backed with focused, and disciplined Action can change the world.”

Both Keala Kanae and Kameron George continue to be the type of “walk the walk” entrepreneurs that are shifting the entire industry of internet marketing.

For they both know first hand how the combination of a strong vision with focus, discipline and MASSIVE ACTION can change the entire course of someone’s life.

They understand it’s power because it’s exactly what they both leveraged in order to free themselves from dead end jobs and poverty mindsets.

It wasn’t that long after both Keala and Kameron crossed paths inside the online marketing industry.  And once they began chatting… they quickly realized they had a mutual mission to guide others towards the same breakthroughs they had personally experienced.


It was then that they joined together to change the game of online business by becoming the founders of AWOL Academy.


As founders, they are fully committed to the vision of providing a realistic and proven system built off a foundation of time tested principles.  This way they are able to ensure their clients possess skill sets that can be applied in their lives for years and years.


AWOL Academy founders Keala Kanae and Kameron George have one mission which is to allow their clients to unleash their dreams upon the marketplace.


I think this quote from Keala Kanae sums up their mutual mission perfectly.

“I believe in the innate greatness of ALL people; that everyone has a divine purpose buried within them.

Our education is simply a tool for uncovering those unique gifts and

delivering your message and service to the world.”